Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Summer Season

Psychological Counselor Afet Kalavasonlu

You can do a lot of things in summer season. This will increase your family interaction and make your child happy. These are also a good way to avoid screen time. In generally family time will decrease in winter season. This is help to establish good family interactions and makes great opportunity to treat family time which is falling down in winter time.  Here are some good ideas to do in summer;

  1. Make an healthy ice cream,
  2. Buy fresh fruits in the market,
  3. Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches,
  4. Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and decorate them,
  5. Blend you own smoothies,
  6. Make a homemade pizza,
  7. Make a lemonade,
  8. Assemble a family cookbook with all your favorite recipes,
  9. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook,
  10. Go to walk,
  11. Go for a nature walk and collects objects which you find along the way,
  12. Visit the fish market,
  13. Visit museums,
  14. Visit a zoo and aquarium and learn about animals,
  15. Go horse riding,
  16. Ride a bicycle,
  17. Attend an outdoor festival or concert,
  18. Visit an animal rescue and adoption center and be a volunteer at there,
  19. Visit a retirement home and read stories to residents,
  20. Go to the beach and swim,
  21. Collect shells,
  22. Built sand castle,
  23. Have a picnic at the park or seaside or garden,
  24. Plan a camp in rural area,
  25. Collect rocks and paint them to use them as paperweights or pet rocks,
  26. Plant in garden veggies, herbs and flowers,
  27. Make a portable pool in garden,
  28. Make a paper boats and race them in the pool,
  29. Make a barbecue in your garden,
  30. Make summer funny games in garden,
  31. Set up a tent in your garden to use as a summer playhouse,
  32. Pretend to be a pirates for a day – dress up in costumes, plan a treasure hunt and talk like a pirate,
  33. Practice making interesting shadow puppets and then put a show with your characters.
  34. Have a game night with bingo, Monopoly and Pictionary.