Cyprus Parenting Awareness

The aim of our bi-communal activity centers upon promoting and increasing effective parenting skills in families from both communities.

Our team of Greek- and Turkish- Cypriot mental health and allied professionals (MHP) attempts to raise awareness regarding a variety of issues pertaining to pregnancy, child birth, infancy, and early childhood. Each month, a MHP from each community writes an article which is then published online and in print-form in Ailemiz Dergisi.

Our editorial focus is on the daily needs and concerns of prospective parents and parents with infants and young children, and features information about children’s mental health, safety, behavior and education.

The articles cover a variety of topics including pregnancy-related issues, age-specific milestones, developmental and behavioral difficulties, and focus on fostering effective communication, child-parent activities and bonding, and skill-building.

Our hope is to inform, support and inspire all Cypriot parents!

NOTE: This Project was awarded by the Stelios Philanthropist Foundation for the Stelios Bi-communal Awards in 2019.